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The simplest way to move in the island

Why you should use this mobile app

Easy to use

You just have to open the mobile app, locate you and select the taxi you want to call. Couldn't be more simple.

Certified Taxi

You don't want to use a fake taxi. You want to be driven by a professional with a license and experience. Don't worry, we already filtered them.

It work

This mobile app is used by lot of tourists since 3 years and help lot of them to find a taxi. No more stress with this tool.

All the taxi drivers in your pocket at St Barth

You are finally at St Barth. Your hotel or villa is gorgeous, the sky is blue, the sun perfect and the sea... well this is amazing. You are maybe asking yourself : “Maybe I Should stay here and don't go back to New York (or wherever you come from)”.

Yes, but you need a taxi to visit the island.

The stress is coming back, who can I call, can I be confident whit the driver.... STOP ! Do not panic and use our App. This one will help you to find the closest taxi around your position and this taxi is certified as real professional. It's easy, so relax !

Awesome Features

Best taxi driver

The taxi drivers referenced in our mobile app are certified and professionals. They know St Barth like no one else and make your vacation better.

Fast and Simple

Do not lost any more time, just take the time to enjoy your vacation and do not overthink. Our app is here to simplify your life (at least at St Barts).


Our app is really quick, and you will not lose your time to get the information you need.

Perfect Design

Yes, this is not the awesome design ever but it work. You don't need complex stuff, you just need something easy to use and that all.

Best Service

We are working on continuous improvement of our app. We want to add more taxi this year in order to improve your vacation.

Tell us

If you have some idea do not hesitate to send us a message, it's allway a great experience to talk with our users.





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About St Barts

Welcome at St Barts. This little island of the french west indies is full of surprise and a is a wonderful place to discover. The lack of signalisation and the dangerous roads can make it difficult to move around. This is the reason why you should use a taxi to move in the island.

Having a taxi, will save your time and will make your vacation better. No more stress, you don't need to search the correct road, you can enjoy the landscape, go to the restaurant or at the bar easily. You want to go to the beach or make an island tour, just take a taxi. The better part is that the driver could talk you about the history of the island and the good place to see.

Now, you want a taxi or a private driver but the real question is how ? You have many option, there is always a taxi at the airport or at the port, you can ask to you hotel to call one but maybe you are searching a solution to have a taxi when you want, the easily and the quickly as possible. With our app, this is not a problem anymore, you can search the closest cab around your position and call this one in one hand move.

I hope this project will help you. I wish you a very good vacation in St Barts.

“ I really like to work with this mobile app. It's easy for my client and they can contact me if I'm close of their position.”


Taxi Driver

“ This app is a revolution for taxi drivers at St Barts and a really helpfull tool for tourist in the island.”


Taxi Driver

Our Team

Steve Magras

Founder of Blue Digitech

I have created this mobile app to help tourist of St Barth to find a taxi easily. I'm working to find more taxi to add in our database in order to improve your experience. I hope this project will make your vacation in Saint Barth more easier.

The story behind this project is really simple. I'm from St Barth and passionate about the startup world. I worked several years in the aeronautical industry as software engineer and decided to create my own company.

I decided to create this mobile app in order to solve an issue for tourist but also for taxi of the island. My goal is to create a bridge between you and a taxi driver. In order to provide the best service I selected the best drivers. All of them are certified by a license and are qualified professional with experience. I want you to feel in security and to have the best vacation in our island.

I hope this project will help you. I wish you a very good vacation in St Barts.